Friday, September 25, 2015

My Pretty Little Sushi Surprise...

Is it really fall?

Sometimes in California September temperatures are in the 100's... and they have been for weeks now.  
I mean I am hot. 
I'm talking sweating in my house and wanting to wear a bathing suit kinda hot.
Don't fret my sweet readers, I don't subject anyone to that sight but only because I don't want to scare the children's friends you see.

But I seriously am not feeling like putting out many fall decorations under these extreme circumstances.
Sooooo my love surprised me with a sushi picnic last week. 
It was just an ordinary day and he is my hero like that and we were sitting there with our ginger and wasabi and I glanced over and hanging above my head were these spectacular looking things.
What are they?
I just don't know... but I stood on the bench and broke the branches right off of that fabulous colored ball tree.
A dog walker came around the corner and gave me a little fright because for some reason I felt a little like a thief.
But I got over it because I didn't take that many and it was a huge tree.

I placed those adorable ball branches in the basket of my bike and laughed.
I rode home extra careful so I wouldn't hurt my balls and they wouldn't fall off.
I said that out loud and I made Tom laugh.
We are funny like that.

So here you have it my fall decorating in September.

Oh how I love my pretty balls...

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