Monday, October 27, 2014

I Chose Wisely...

Me and my little sister loved Harrison Ford and I mean L.O.V.E and marry him and be happy forever kind of love.
My love started in Star Wars but it went to full conniption teen crazy love with Raiders of the Lost Ark.  
I was 12 years old when in 1981 the film came out.  

OK I think mostly I loved him but it was the two of us together, on our couch in the basement, wrapped in a blanket, that we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. And by our calculations it was around 100+ times. 
We had every single line 

100 could  be a low estimate but you see it was in the days when we thought we were so cool because we didn't have to wait for it to come on t.v.  It was about 1984 and my hip family owned the coveted VHS video player.
We were so in the future with that thing. Our machine was almost as big as some t.v.'s. It had those big huge primary colored buttons that were big enough that if you were almost blind you could see them.  Why do they make them so much more complicated now? I think they digressed because they were seriously on to something with that  simple VHS video first addition.  
Crap I always end up on some tangent that has nothing to do with the story at hand.
So back to the almost story which really isn't the real story either...ugh I just need to focus really hard.  It's hard always but especially right now because remember my boy gets back on Thursday and he has been gone for 2 years!!!

So any who we would go back and forth between "Raiders" and "The Man From Snowy River" depending on what mood we were in.  We loved Jim and Jessica. Australian accents and horsies too in "Snowy."
But nothing quite compared to my Indian Jones. 
I mean seriously...that hat.

We never watched the the sequels to Raiders as much as the original and that was probably because we just didn't own them. But this whole entire story is actually about the third "Raiders of the Lost Arc and the Last Crusade."
K remember when they are in that cave looking for the holy grail and the knight has the bad man choose between the hundreds and hundreds of cups?
He either chooses the holy grail and receives ever lasting life or any of the other cups and dies instantly.
He chooses the really fancy schmancy gold one and well, he dies.
The knight then looks at his bones and says, 
"You chose poorly."
Then Indy looks at the hundreds of cups and picks some unassuming crappy little goblet thing and the knight says.
"You chose wisely."

This is now the really real story.
I think about that all the time.
I met my Tom at 18.
Married him at 21.
That was 24 years ago October 19th.
What did I know about anything that has to do with anything at such a young age?
I was making the biggest decision of my life and I was not even a legal adult.

In short...

I just plain and simply chose wisely.

At the time I was madly in love and I knew I was marrying my best friend.
24 years later I am more madly in love and he is still my best friend.

Are there secrets to a happy marriage?
I don't know have a clue what the secrets are though.
I just know that Tom treats me like gold and he acts and does something every day to make my dreams come true.
He makes me feel treasured, protected and loved and so I try really hard to make his dreams come true.
We don't agree on everything.
We have hard moments.

But at the end of the day... today is all we have.
Tomorrow is big, fat unknown.  
So even though I chose wisely all those years ago... I am still making choices every day and I am still choosing Tom and I always will.
After all he is so much better than Indiana Jones...even without that hat.

“The best time to love with your whole heart is always now, in this moment, because no breath beyond the current is promised.”-Fawn Weaver

We celebrated on a huge stunning beach on the Point Reyes seashore.
We hiked 1 1/2 in with our little blanket and picnic basket and I seriously thought that maybe we were on the Sahara desert.  
There was seriously that much sand and the beach was soooo big.
We were the only ones on it because you have to hike to get in.
So worth it.
It was the perfect weather and honestly it was a perfect day

We stopped in Point Reyes Station for our cheese supplies at 
"Cowgirl Creamery" and our artisan bread from "Brick Maiden" plus a few supplies from home.

I take a picture of this church every.single.time. I love it.  In my next life maybe I will get married in it. :)

We didn't know what to do for dinner so we talked about all of our possibilities because when you live in the bay area it is so endless it ridiculous.  But Tom said it best when he said, "how can we not celebrate and eat dinner in our favorite city in the world."
Yep that is all it took and we drove to San Francisco and ate at our favorite pizza place in all the land.
Ordered the Atomica and Heirloom tomato with bacon on half because not everyone eats meat. ;) and it was soooo good that it was ridiculous!

I would follow my man anywhere.
Here's to another infinity years.

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