Friday, May 23, 2014

Before Summer Hits...

So much to say and too little time.
Friday night and my love is working on the bathroom.  
Ella and her best friend Ellie and Charlie are watching "Night of the Museum" and eating ice cream.  They are giggling and laughing and it makes me happy.

I have a couple minutes and I don't want summer to hit before I put the pictures of spring break and Easter into my little blog.
It was a dream week off in every way.

Started on Sunday going to Point Reyes Station and heading to our favorite beach.
A couple of pictures along the road to show the heaven that is Northern California in the spring.

Our beach trips always include a picnic consisting of Cowgirl creamery cheese on some artisan baguette.

A stop off for our favorite cookies to add to our basket.

Then we end up here.  

Flying kites...


walking to find the jelly fish...

and making friends with the jellies and giving them kisses...

finding sand crabs...


and me enjoying every single second!

So I love roller coasters.  Always have always will.
So we woke up at like 6:00 and drove to southern Cal and went to the ultimate roller coaster park Magic Mountain.
Charlie was old enough to go on some doozey's too.  I am talking Goliath...255 ft drop.  
He is a child after my own heart.  
There were still others that he didn't quite make the height requirement on so he was my little buddy on the smaller rides.
Ella and Benjamin ran at full throttle throughout the park for hours straight.
I did get to ride x2 though with Benjamin while Ella watched Charlie. 
 Ben sorta made me.
I love roller coasters with drops but this new variety that has you flying was a new thing for me.
I was actually so scared I got tears...Ben would say I cried.  That is absolutely not true.

We left in time for dinner at Chipotle and headed to our hotel.  Spent the night, headed back to the park first thing in the morning and then that night ate Chipotle again (because I am the pickiest eater I know and nothing sounds good but chipotle...ridiculous I know) before heading back to pear cottage.

We honestly had the best time and I loved the time with these park rats.

Because the superman ride gets really loud and annoying after two day straight.

This is the two thumbs up and cheesy smile I got when I asked him if he had fun. :)

Dying Easter eggs.


 Easter morning

Our beautiful Easter dinner outside.

I am out of time.  I am just thankful for all of it.

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