Friday, October 4, 2013

Newport Beach makes me happy...

I love the beach...

When I was little I secretly always wanted to live on the beach and I used to pretend that I had California license plates to prove that I did.

Well I have the California plates but I sooo don't live on the beach.
Beaches are an hour away from pear cottage and well lets be honest, Northern California beaches are just not the same as Southern.
Even if Santa Cruz tries really hard, and it does, but it just isn't quite there.

But I am lucky enough to go usually to Newport every year.
That's right.... my mom and dad and 3 sisters plus husbands and some of their hooties and me and some of my hooties which equals a lot of hooties (22 hooties to be exact) show up each year to play.

And by play I mean sit on the beach and talk (99.9% of the time)  
or boogie board in the ocean. 
 Which I did for a whopping 1/2 an hour which is waaayyy longer than last time.
Now for others this is all they do. (99.9% of the time)

And I am dead serious..

Ella is in this category and I am totally amazed.  
She was in the ocean some days the entire day except if she was eating lunch...I know just crazy.
My sister Angelin falls into this category as well...I know double crazy.
I mean she is a grown women and we grown women are generally cold.
She just loves herself a good wave.
So the ocean crew bonds in the ocean and the beach crew bonds on the beach.
Some people aren't so drastic in their preferences and they do a little of both.

No matter... everyone is so happy doing what they are doing that there are only happy people from sun up to sun down every. single. day.
I think this is why I wanted to live on the beach. 
 I am so happy.

But just when you are tired of sleeping in sand,
 and your clothes are full of sand and everything that you touch or stand on is full of sand it is time to go home.

It's perfect timing really.  
So secretly I don't want to live at the beach anymore but that doesn't mean that I am ready to say goodbye to my sisters and their hooties. Then again I would never be ready for that.
But I am still was a perfect week!

My Charlie is a land creature.  He's happy by his mama in the sand.  The ocean people would wonder when Charlie was going to join them and he never did.  Maybe next year.  :)

The beach people.  This is the scene from sun up to sun down.
 Precious Olivia and her Grandma.

Sophia loving her new little crab friend

Now missing a week of school is not easy, not easy at all so we home schooled for an hour every morning.  

We go to Ruby's at the end of the pier every year for Ella's birthday.  
I am a slow learner and I make my self sick on the cinnamon french toast every freaking time.

Me Tiffy and Soph are beach gals but we ventured off one day with our dad and went on our little beach cruisers.  Oh we were happy. All over Balboa island and around the cove we peddled, laughed and smiled.  We ended our ride as the sun was setting over the ocean...ahhh just perfect.  

What would a newport trip be like without our daily "donney" visits?  Or sometimes two or three?  

This is what tutti frutti looks like when our extremely oversized family shows up every. single. night.
What is wrong with us?  Who does this?  Oh yea we do.

Thank you Grandpa once again for a perfect week.  I love and miss you all!!!!!!

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My boy and I said...

Oh goodness I loved this post and want to go back right now! I may steal a few of your pictures haha if that's okay. You may see them posted on my blog in the future when I can get to it! (I will give you credit don't worry!) Love you and miss you!

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