Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A flooring love story (Buh Bye Carpet....)

I have been MIA for maybe the longest absence from my blog ever.

I am sad about that because this a journal of sorts and if my life isn't written here it ain't anywhere.  :(
I am going to try and be better but starting when I have no idea...hey I will be super optimistic and say right this very minute.
Hey now is a great time because I am the happy mom of just two...yes two children. I sorta feel like I am on  vacation.
 My Nicholas of course is in Guatemala and my Benjamin is livin' it up in Hawaii for 2 whole weeks. 
Yea tough life for a 15 year old.
I finally got a hold of him after 1 week ( I told him to call me everyday)
The conversation went like this:

Me :Oh my gosh I finally got a hold of are you? Tell me everything...we miss you sooo much
Ben: I can't talk now... I just got done snorkeling and I went out super far and something stung my back and it hurt like a mother and we are leaving to go get shaved ice so....bye

Yea that's it but we love him anyway....

But in the meantime I got all the time in the world. haha
So I am going to tell you a story about me getting rid of carpet and the flooring we put in instead.

Once upon a time
 there was carpet that made me want to cry every time I looked at it.  
It was truly vile and disgusting and made me instantly angry when I looked down at it.
It had to go.  
My sanity depended on it.
Enter in my magician husband who found some salvaged wood some time ago. 
We had just enough wood from the rest of our house to border the salvaged wood.
We finally had a good block of time and we pulled and we prepped.  We sanded and we  frog taped and we painted.  
Oh how we painted.  
We painted for what seemed like weeks but I think it was only for like 5 days.
Finally it was done.
My vile carpet was no more and in its place was a unique painted hardwood floor.
I am in love. 
I am happy and now only two more rooms in the house with that same vile carpet....
The End

I actually loved this floor and debated for some time on leaving it but alas it would of taken even more time and more work.  In the end I have always loved painted floors and it won out.

This was before I gave it all another coat.  I like a whitewash look but in the end something was just off.  I decided it just needed to be darker and voila it worked.

The floor finished

My finished room...

I am grateful to not have carpet in my room.  I am mostly happy to just have a room.

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My boy and I said...

Okay Benjamin is hilarious! And I love the floor in your room, you and Tom truly are amazing creative people! Love you!

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