Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh the places we see....

December 27th 2012
Day 1: Drive to Oregon

It all started when Tom said, "Hey, I found a great deal on a darling cabin in southern Oregon."  I thought, "Geez, I have never been to Oregon."
The driving fiasco started there.
.The trip was stunning especially since we had missed the storm of the century that had dumped like 7 feet of snow.

It took about 6 hours to get to the darling little cabin on the Rogue river in the town of Grants pass.

Hot cookies and hot cocoa served every night in the lodge
Day 2
Drove to the magical town of  Jacksonville. 
It was an old lumbering town built in the mid 1800's and we spent an hour in the cemetery alone. It was exactly like the towns back in New England with the covered bridge to boot.

Day Three
Drove to the redwood forest and down the coast a bit and stayed in another stunning little town on the ocean called Arcata.

I have wanted to see these giants since we moved to Cali almost 15 years ago.  That is along time to wait and they did not disappoint.  We hiked and explored the entire day among these majestic trees.   

Look at my little, tiny people  by that unbelievable tree? It looks like we are on some other planet in a sci fi film.
Day 4
Drove to see more redwoods including the Avenue of the Giants and continued down highway 1 along the coast.

Glass beach where instead of sand the beach is covered in beach glass.

Mendocino....can I picnic here everyday?  
Oh except I just remembered getting here was probably the worst drive....ever.  We drove on solid s curves for 2 hours.  Nobody in my car gets sick and that is a good thing because it would of no doubt been a full barfarama.  
So probably I will never go here again.  
Some other beach along the way because the sun was setting and we don't miss that for anything!!!!

I have no idea how many of thousands of miles we drove but the places we saw were even better then what I had pictured in my wildest dreams. It just doesn't get any better than that.  

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My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh I want to stay in that cabin! I looked up how far we are from Grants Pass and it said just 3 hours! Olivia is such a stink in the car otherwise I'd make Michael take me this very weekend! Loved all of the pictures!

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