Friday, November 2, 2012

Go Giants...

Halloween Day
Have you ever really wanted to do something and then after it's done you wondered, "What in the heck was I thinking?"
Yea we've all been there.
Well unless you have been living on the moon, or you don't live in the bay area or perhaps you just don't like baseball, the San Francisco Giants won the world series.
Giants fever has gripped the boys in my house and let's just say it hasn't been pretty. 
Every game was spent jumping up and down while yelling at the television at the top of their lungs.
There were times I was alarmed and worried for their well being but the giants prevailed, my boys survived and we made a plan to go into the San Francisco Giants parade on Halloween day.
That was the something...remember the one that I wondered what in the heck I was thinking.
It was the parade.
On Halloween. 
With the 6 million other people with the same something in mind.
That's right I called in sick for Benjamin, Ella and Charlie and told the office they had a fever.  I just left off the part that it was giants fever.  That is sooo the truth and I only felt a little bit bad about that at the time.  
I thought it was going to be the best time. 
We were all going into San Francisco on Halloween and it would be hilarious and the kids were going to love it and we were going to laugh and it was destined to be one of our all time favorite memories and we would smile and say, "Remember when we went to the giants parade? And then we would say, Yea that was the best. time. ever." 
Only it wasn't.
We couldn't move or breathe and we got pigeon holed in a T-mobile wireless doorway. We didn't dare leave it because it was like swimming upstream with 2 billion other salmons and quite frankly I thought we would die.  So I just hunkered down with Ella and Charlie, like we were in a fox hole and waited for the war to end.
It eventually did and we gingerly left our safe dwelling for some lunch.
The best part was we got some truely amazing Mexican food before we left and it almost made up for it. 
Mexican food has a way of doing that.
But it didn't



The Halloween fun did not stop with the parade.  No way...the real fun was just beginning.
Charlie couldn't breathe in his mask so Ella ended up wearing it.  I was none to happy because she went from super cute cowgirl to really not cute cowgirl.
 the constant trying to keep up.

Who says your too old to trick or treat in high school? 
We don't.  I mean free candy at every door. 
 Everybody was giving us a hard time (even some of his friends) about letting Ben go and I just don't understand.  Am I off?   I say you are too old once you have children yourself and Tom would totally disagree with me.  Mainly because he hit a couple of doors just this halloween.  I am going down on record as saying that 47 is too old.  See I have my limits.

I am also going on record in saying this costume scares the bigeebies out of me.  It clearly was not my idea but with baby #4 I just don't have it in me to care that much.

Nicholas took Ella and Charlie trick or treating and it made this Halloween the best ever and that even includes the parade this morning.
I am grateful to see this boy hanging out in my kitchen.

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My boy and I said...

I love some of Ella and Charlie's faces haha. You can tell they were a bit overwhelmed! And I loved the pictures of Halloween, so cute! Good luck with these next two weeks getting Nicholas all set, we are so excited for him. (A little sad for you because we know how hard it is at the same time) but you will be fine! Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way! Love you guys and wish we could be there!

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