Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She still got a shadow....

When I was little I had a constant shadow. Well that's what everybody called her.
It was my little sister Annabelle and we were glued together from day one.
 She is 4 1/2 years younger but we thought we were twins.
Wherever I was, my little shadow was not far behind.
So when I was expecting my fourth baby, I secretly wished for a little shadow for my Ella. I have to add here, that I know better than to ever guess the sex of my babies. I was wrong every single time. (Well not totally, I was right with Benjamin. I sooo knew he was a boy from the beginning. That's kind of acceptable right?) But anyhoo, I certainly did not trust my intuition and so I just secretly crossed every finger and toe for that shadow to arrive.
Well the long awaited day came, and out popped my perfectly perfect little boy.
Oh happy day!
But Ella didn't get her shadow--or so I thought.
Just because I had a little sister for my shadow why was that the only way?  Ella did get a little brother but he is every bit her shadow that Annabelle was for me.  They are together all day every day.  Friends will call Ella and she will say," I just want to stay home and play with Charlie."
 They are glued at the hip. 
They are best friends.
And wherever Ella is... Charlie is two steps behind.
 pure wish came true


This little guy is starting kindergarten and this is how I feel about it. 
I am grateful for siblings and Carmel.  I have officially decided that Carmel is my favorite place on earth.

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