Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh the joy that a bike brings....

I didn't know that it was that simple.  I mean lots of things make you happy, but a beach cruiser with it's comfy, high seat is special. 
There is something about sitting so straight with the wind in your hair peddling along with produce and flowers in your basket that makes me giddy. 
I have wanted one for years but on my 43rd birthday as I was eating berries and granola, Tom wheeled that gorgeousness on the lawn.  When I turned around there she was and I   jumped up and down    cried. I know that's ridiculous but I just sat there with my big ole' happy tears and sobbed and I have been riding her ever since.  
I ride her to run errands in Walnut Creek, I ride her to take the kids to school, and I ride her to the grocery store.  I even went on a night ride to Danville with my Tom.  He jimmy rigged a headlamp to my basket and off we went down the trail in the pitch black. 
My kiddos are confused with all the riding because of course they are in constant tow (Charlie has yet to learn how to ride a bike so he is in the burley) and I just tell them in an extra excited voice, "I love just love my bike".
K Tom took this and it makes me laugh.  Could it possibly be my huge high heels, or the fact I am wearing a maxi dress or my huge smile the entire time?
I am grateful for Tom making my birthday week so special and of course for my bike.

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My boy and I said...

Okay this has got to be my most favorite of your blog posts! That bike is stinkin cute and it's even cuter with you on it. Tom is a super cute husband and knows you well. I also really appreciated the video. The dress and the heels make me laugh. You're obviously one talented little biker:)

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