Monday, August 20, 2012

It doesn’t take much…..

We all needed a beach day and so we packed an incredible picnic and headed out the door…. and just like that it turned out to be a totally, unbelievably,  perfect day. 003016018 copy028050052067096

This is an instagram pic and oh how I love instagram!!


We then found this restaurant which is the biggest do over ever…well along with the pie place on the corner that had fresh pie shakes. That bears repeating fresh pie shakes!!  They were so good in fact that today is my birthday and we are going into San Fran right now to have another one.   


I am grateful for miles and miles of sand and the Pacific ocean.


My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh I love all the pictures and reading about the pie shakes reminded of the divine strawberry shakes we enjoyed for a whole week. Miss you and happy late birthday. I'm sure you were spoiled:)

sanind88 said...

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