Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hooray for Sisters!

I began the countdown to my sister trip somewhere around January.

That is a long time to wait for something even for an adult.  Unfortunately, England was just not going to happen this year and that realization nearly broke all of our hearts.  There was just one remedy and that was playing somewhere...I mean anywhere and it turned out to be Las Vegas.  It was pretty central to all of us and seemed like a perfect spot.
 Let me just start by saying holy hannah that place is CRAZY!!! I haven't really been there in my adult life and I am just going to say that people watching has never been more entertaining! It puts people watching at an amusement park to total shame. From about 9:00-1:00 a.m. would plant ourselves on a bench with our double chocolate mint ice cream from serendipity and stare.  That's right mouths open ,eyes wide, nodding up and down, blatantly staring at every human being that happened to walk past.  I need to add here that there was never a dull moment--not even a lull between complete and utter craziness.  Of course we were talking the whole time too but  oh my we stared, and it was for hours at a time.  Then we would pick ourselves up and walk back to "The Trump", which turned out to be our beacon of light in a very nutty town, and talk for the rest of the night.
Now for some, that would be a wasted trip to somewhere like Vegas, where gambling and clubbing are the draw.
But for us who spent our time laughing our heads off, talking,and more talking, shopping and of course staring, it was the perfect getaway.
When I think of all our hours of talking because who's kidding who that was by far the bulk of our trip this quote by Susan Branch describes us exactly!!!

What do women talk about?  Women's conversation starts in the middle, goes to the beginning, and doesn't have an end. We stop talking as we part and pick up right where we left off when we meet again.  What do we talk about?  Big things and little things: world peace, children, food, art, money, love, work, spirituality, movies and husbands, for starters.

So that is how our weekend went down and I will begin yet another countdown, until I see my sisters again....Thank goodness for Sophies wedding!!  I love you all  and see you soon!!

I must add this because thanks to you Angelin, I now know that I am not the only human being that needs to stay between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale.  See nobody knows how vital sisters are to every part of our well being... Soooo stinkin' funny!!!!

Now this night John got us tickets for the Donny and Marie show. We have never laughed and screamed so hard in our lives. Sure we were the only people under 6o, but if Donny would have jumped on our table like he did for some other lucky guests, I would of gone over  a "7" on the emotional scale. I cannot even begin to say how seriously ugly that would of have been for everyone involved.
You are witnessing the only gambling that was done in a Vegas casino.  We did however wander around lost, dazed and confused for sometimes hours at a time.  Quote of this day, which happened to be at Caesars Palace, and it was directed at a poor passerby was, "Excuse me, can you tell me how to get out of here?"  To this she replied almost in tears, "I have no idea, I am just trying to find my room."
Somewhere along that crazy strip of complete craziness.
I am grateful that I get to call these girls my best friends. Life wouldn't be half as funny without them and  almost as important I would be a little lost. (It would be like a lifetime in Caesars Palace. ughh!!!) I am NOT grateful that Annabelle couldn't come with us because she left a permanent empty spot that we just couldn't fill. But we are all ready on the countdown to next year....

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My boy and I said...

Okay this post seriously made my day. I felt like you were right here telling me about the trip. It made me miss you so much, but it is okay, 3 more weeks!!! I am glad you guys had fun, I love it when you are together. It is always hilarious. Love you!!

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