Friday, February 3, 2012

True Love

How wrong is it to seriously love a door?
I want to look at it all day and send it Valentines.
I know, I know it is dead wrong but I can't help myself.
I have thought/dreamed of a new door for almost as long as we have lived in this home but they are so stinkin expensive. But that didn't stop me from continually taking pictures of all the front doors I love. You should see the looks I have gotten from getting busted. I have to say it's a little embarrassing.
I originally wanted a dutch door but they are really hard to find used in decent condition. We even talked about sawing mine in half but it just seemed a little risky.
So when Tom gave this to me for Christmas I broke out in song(OK loud screams) because it is everything I have dreamed of and more. He just installed it last weekend so I am still giddy with it's shear beauty. I will take more pictures later but yesterday the lighting was stinky and my yard is wintry, dead and ugly. So for now you just get this sneak peak of my utter happiness.

Before: This was the only picture I could find with the 10 seconds I had and it is certainly not a bad front door. Normal people wouldn't even care or notice the difference but I have totally excepted the fact that I am so not normal.

After: Ta Da

We are in a serious fish bowl but we had zero privacy before because of all my front windows without blinds and the side windows on my front door. But for real unless you live on my cul de sac you don't go by my house. Well unless you wanted to take a picture of my front door.

Well I have to go now and stare at the new love of my life.
I am grateful for silly things that bring such happiness.

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