Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boston (Day 2)

We spent the whole day exploring some of Boston's great neighborhoods.
Boston is a walking city and that is what we did....walked.

Beacon Hill and Back Bay were primarily where we explored the most but we ate dinner in downtown.
It was at a great seafood restaurant called the Barking Crab right on the riverfront.
Then at 9:50 sitting in the restaurant we thought Modern bakery was going to close at10:00 which happens to be in the North End so we ran.
I am talking the sprinting kind and the shedding of our jackets without slowing down kind of run.
You have never seen two people that serious about getting a canoli in your life.
To see us in our dead sprint you would think emergency which in essence it really was.
I am happy to report we made it-- and the canoli was so worth the side ache and heart burn.

Day 2

Public Garden

Holding the pizza box from the night before.
Everyone knows that pizza is even better the next day so we had a pizza picnic in the park.

The Green Monster

Newbury Street in the Back Bay
We spent a long time here. Huge long street with amazing high end designer boutiques all in the darling brownstone buildings. Cathedrals and cafes on the corners and all the hustle and bustle that comes with any wonderful neighborhood.

Copley Square where the Boston Marathon ends

This was the courtyard in the Boston public library
I fell in love with this sculpture.
To me the artist captured the complete joy of a mother and her precious baby.
The courtyard

I so wanted to be smart and study in this library. I pretended that I went to Harvard and I needed to study for my accounting class for my business major. It was super fun for like 10 minutes.

This street is called Acorn street.
They say it is the most photographed street in the US.
I am not sure that I believe this statement because when I was there I was the only one taking pictures.
I have yet to see Lombard street in San Francisco with less then 50 people snapping pictures.
So I am just not so sure that this can be true. However no matter because the street was stunning and Tom and I took 100 pictures of it so that might count for something.

I am thankful for another day of fun.

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My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh Hilary I love all the pictures from Boston. You are amazing at taking pictures! Plus it is fun you got to get away with just Tom:)You make me really really want to go there. My mom is going to LOVE looking at these.
Okay so details on the costume haha.
The hat, apparently great grandma Cederlof made. I found it in our costume box. The tutu I made. Anyway it turned out pretty cute except I did have to pin her down for the make-up. Haha I am so mean but I just had to!

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