Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hundres of Small Vacations

I have always depended on my date nights. My honey and I have gone out on Saturdays without fail our entire marriage. When the kids were all little I was not enthusiastic about finding a babysitter and leaving the kids. It sounded like a big, fat pain but my Tom was dead serious. In fact he insisted and every week I would reluctantly leave the children. Once we were out we had an absolute blast but every week I continued to dread the process. Oh my good heavens how things have changed. Maybe in due part it is because I have had a built in babysitter for 5 years. But whatever the reason I hold onto my Saturday nights like a drowning person holds onto their life preserver. When 6 o'clock comes I am doing a little jig. I kiss those adorable children on the head, grab my honey's hand and skeedaddle out the door...woohoo. Let the vacation begin!

That's right... vacation. I am not sure how it started but suddenly we were calling Saturdays vacations.

I mean what is a vacation anyway? Isn't is just a get away from the realities of life? Who says you have to travel far away to have a vacation or that it has to be a certain amount of time? So every Saturday we go on a vacation. Now to make it feel like a trip you have to do things and go places that you wouldn't do on any given day. We explore new restaurants and neighborhoods in Berkley, (now I am tellin' ya that is a serious trip in every sense of the word) Oakland and lately it has been all about San Francisco.

We have spent the last several vacations exploring every neighborhood in that fabulous city. We have loved driving and walking around Hayes Valley, the Presidio, the Mission, Lower Pacific Heights, and Lafayette park. We love wandering down the boardwalk by the bay in the Marina or meandering around markets in Noe Valley. There is always some wonderful spot to explore and it is actually difficult to end up in the same place twice. I think in this life or the next me and my honey are just going to have to move to that marvelous city. There is just too many great places to visit and we absolutely adore our city by the bay.

But the point is no matter what craziness has happened during the week, every Saturday my honey and I look forward to another dream vacation. As for me, that is all I really need.

Now last Saturday we went on a much needed trip and it actually lasted all day-- thanks to our dear Julie. She took the kiddos and we were like school kids running around that place. Here are some pictures that highlight the adventures.

Thank you Julie!!

Now sometimes my kiddos need a tiny vacation too. This was my honey's idea and it was a serious hit with the littles. We told them it was time to go to bed and when they came into the kitchen this adorable little scene awaited them. So instead of hitting the sack they had juicy strawberries and mango sorbet for a little evening picnic. How's that for fun? :)

Tom packed the sorbet in plastic eggs making them into little ice cream cones. They squealed with pure delight when they opened them.

I am beyond grateful for my traveling companion for he makes even the most ordinary of days a vacation.

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My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh you and Tom are SO cute!! I love the sorbet in the egg too. You both are amazing!

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