Monday, April 18, 2011

More than just a game

I think my boys at this point have tried many sports and they have yet to find one that they don't like. In saying that however we found a sport that Benjamin L.O.V.E.S. I mean best day ever, run out the door, jumping for joy, a little kick in his step just because it is practice day kind of love. The sports name is rugby and I am telling you this game must be a total blast.

This is super important information and I consider it to be an answer to prayers. For my Benjamin was sad. His best friend in the whole wide world moved. Benjamin had been glued at the hip with Jared since the first grade. The cutest of friends that you ever did see. One with his white blond hair and fair skin and the other with his dark brown hair and olive skin but always together.

Always talking, joking, goofing off and laughing...but always together. I don't think a day went by without Jared in it and then he was gone. My thirteen year old boy was left feeling sad and alone. I would kiss him good night and big elephant sized tears would be running down his sweet cheeks. How is a mama supposed to help with that kind of hurt? One night as I tucked him in it came to me.

A sport of course...but what? He was done with baseball and la cross didn't start for a few months. I needed a sport and I needed it to right then. Then my prayers were answered. I called up a friend whose son played rugby. She informed me that the parent meeting was that very night. Benjamin was too sad to even want to play a sport. But like every parent has to do I threatened and made him. All he had to do was try one practice...that's it. I was so sure that my sport loving boy would love rugby too. I mean why not? I had seen clips of men huddled in a circle beating the tar out of each other trying to get a ball with no pads and no helmets. This sport is just what the doctor ordered. So kicking and screaming I dragged that incredibly angry boy out the door and well the rest is history.

Not only did he love rugby but he thinks it is the best, greatest and funnest sport ever. My happy boy was back and that makes me well.....happy.

Now I realize that my Ben does not look happy in these next few pictures. Don't be fooled. He had his last tournament yesterday and they played their guts out all day. They made it to the championship game and lost by 1 point. It is just not appropriate to smile after such a loss but I assure you he still had a little spring in his step.

I don't know if it is appropriate to say on a blog but after all it is just an online journal right? I am grateful for a loving heavenly father who loves his children so much that he helped with my little boys aching heart. It was through a sport but that is just what he needed to make his world ok again.

I am also so grateful for friends. Friends come into our lives and fill up a hole we didn't even know we had. They listen and make us laugh and in the end we are better people because of them. Thank you Millers we love and miss you!

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