Monday, March 21, 2011

If you give your children a boxed cake mix....

We have had our fair share of rainy days as of late. I mean really big storms. The kind with powerful wind and serious rainfall. We lost our power on Saturday night which meant a fun spooky evening with our candles and flashlights. But we are really outdoor creatures by nature and my littles seriously need to be outside.

So our house has been a little like "The Cat and the Hat" with thing 1 and thing 2 going completely nutty. I needed to give my thing 1 and thing 2 a little direction so we decided to make a cake. Not just an ordinary cake-- a large cupcake. It clearly didn't turn out and it was then voted by the littles the ugliest cake in the world. But it was seriously hilarious.. give your children a cake and you can kill 4 hours in a blink of an eye. Sometimes that is a bad thing but in this case that was a great thing. So I sat back and watched them in wonder, smiling as they made an exciting day out of a boxed cake mix and some colored sprinkles.

I am grateful for my littles.....they make me smile.


Alicia said...

how fun :) i love days where there's "nothing" to do!

My boy and I said...

Oh little Ella and Charlie! They are so cute!!!

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