Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't like January

There i said it... I really don't like January. Everything about it is a little sad, gloomy and boring. I know it's not the months fault...I mean who would want to follow December. December is everything that January isn't. The whole month is dedicated to making everything a little more fantastic then normal. Even in our errands we seem to be in unison with the world as we celebrate Christ's birth and peace on earth goodwill toward men. I know it's not all perfect. There is more traffic and crowds but certainly above it all, most people as a whole, think of Christ more then they normally do. That alone makes it the most wonderful time of the year.

Because I am in my house 95% of the time, I am going to tell why December is so much better than January in my particular home. OK it all starts with Christmas songs blaring while the kids are making ginger bread houses and baking cookies. I don't bake that much, even though I like to, because we eat the batch of cookies the second they come out. That's bad for the hearts that live in my house and the waistlines so baking has certainly gone by the wayside over the years. But come December I could care less. Now while cookies are baking and the music is blaring, there is dancing and singing. Oh the dancing and singing. I can't hold a tune for beans but that doesn't stop me and the kids from singing at the top of our lungs, "For unto us, a child is born
Unto us, a Son is given." Everyone knows that you can't sing Handel without a great voice but I sort of forget that every December. When would I ever do that in January? Holy cow I haven't even touched on how fabulously stunning my house is. Tom transforms it into a winter, light, wonderland. There are lights, wreaths, bows and trees everywhere and my house literally glows. We find ourselves in my magical house cuddled up by the fire, reading a Christmas book and drinking hot chocolate. You give yourself permission to do exactly that and enjoy every moment of it. Why is that? Why can't I give myself permission to do that same thing even in my boring January house without Handel? Well I think starting right now at this very moment I am going to try. It won't be easy at first. The pull of the dirty laundry is going to be strong but in the end the fire, some willing children with a good book, and hot chocolate are going to win the internal battle.

Let the Christmas fun begin...

It's Christmastime in the city. San Francisco to be exact with the Doxey's. Now as fun as this day was, it is actually more fun looking back on it. Maybe it was the 1 1/2 hours it took me to find the parking space. Or maybe it was hitting the roof of the parking garage with my suburban and having the Santa running after me yelling. Or could it be that ice skating was sold out? No it has to be the three hours it took to leave the city and the 1 near fatal collision that had all of us screaming solid for 2 minutes. No but really Doxey's...good times.

Three cheers for Tom's 45th birthday. Not his favorite day of the year but absolutely hands down my favorite day of the year. Where would I be without the love of my life?

A complete 2010 highlight for me. Ann invited all of us to go to 'The Nutcracker" in San Francisco. I have wanted to go with Ella for years. I grew up going every year to Ballet West in Utah. Those memories of going to the ballet with my sisters and Mother continue to be some of my favorite Christmas memories of years gone by. Oh how I love that music. I still feel the butterflies of pure anticipation when I hear it. I close my eyes and remember what it was like to quietly anticipate the ballerinas next move. I would try and guess if it was the Russian dance yet or if the dance of the sugarplum fairy was next. Oh to be ten again...I have wanted my little Ella to have those same memories but alas tickets are a fortune. Thank you to sweet Ann for making that dream come true.

Sorry Julie I have a better picture of you. I must have hit the wrong one and in the blogging world once that is in... it is in.

Christmas Eve at John and Ann' house. The Doxey family, us and the John and Ann Call families all celebrating together. This picture seriously kills me. Charlie tried on John's glasses and I happened to catch that look. I love photography!

Acting out the manger scene

Ella and John
Madeline and John

Me and my Ella

Christmas morning 2010

Sweet Matt and Maria gave us this wonderful blanket to commemorate the Giants huge win! Best present of the year!
Here is a picture that I took right before we all sat down for our wonderful Christmas breakfast. See what I mean...its glowing.
So even though January is the worst month of the year, I need to go now because I am going to go sit by the fire, brew up some delicious hot chocolate for me and some awfully cute kiddos....Maybe January won't be so gloomy after all.


Dan Doxey said...

Props on a killer post. Nice shot composition, cropping, lighting, balance. It's all there. Brief yet informative prose, imaculate diction and symmetry. If you had a like button, I'd like it. But since you don't, I'll just tell you I like it here and now, and of course when you're next in our presence.

dan said...

Awesome post. I'm so glad you keep a blog so Dan and I can relive the fun memories. Now you have TWO comments!

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