Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's Start at the Beginning (A very good place to start)

Stage 1:
There is oh so much to tell and so I will start in stages. First I drove to Utah with the kiddos on June 25th. I stayed in Park City with my Tiffy for a couple of days and with my parents for a couple of days. I have no idea why I never pulled my camera out except for this one picture at Olympic Park. Oh yea now I remember all I did was shop with my sisters. We laughed for 1 week and shopped. When was I supposed to take a picture? Then Tom flew in a week later and the Call Family reunion began. We will get to that in a second...

So now on to the Call family reunion. Can you imagine how much planning this took? I mean look at all these people that need accommodations, food, and entertainment for 4 days---crazy.The Utah Calls planned it down to the minutes and because of that it was amazing! We had a boating day at Jordanelle reservoir, field day in the park, ancestry night, and because Calls were planning it some of the best food on the planet. My kids had soo much fun and they are still talking about it. Incredible memories for life!

Grandma Call making sure that Charlie is getting his share of the candy. Which brings me to the point that how in the world could Charlie not have enough candy? Those Call sisters set up bins of every kind of candy and gum you can imagine and you could eat to your hearts content. It would be humanly impossible for the candy to run out. You would have had to invite the entire human race to join us and maybe then the pickins would have been slim. Oh and by the way they had all you can eat pink cookies, chocolate doughnuts and pop too.

This is field day up Provo canyon. There was so much to do like zucchini boats, potato sack racing, 50 yard dash, football throw, kick ball game, family skits and the ever competitive arm wrestling. It was endless family fun!

Charlie in the 50 yard dash and he was super serious because to add to the fun they gave all the kids fresh dollar bills every time they competed.

the football throw

Ella playing kickball

I don't have a ton of pictures of the reunion and so Julie I need to get yours.:) This family is one in a trillion and I can't believe I get to be apart of it. Thank you everyone for everything!! Stay tuned for stage 2 in the never ending family vacation.

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dan said...

I need to get your pictures! We were pretty much on "Caroline Care" so her screaming wouldn't disrupt the reunion. (That's what happens to a 23 month old after dragging them to and fro in Utah for 10 days).

Love the post! Can't wait for the second half.

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