Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For this I am Grateful

Just look at this table! Is there a more gorgeous display of food then the Thanksgiving table. I have a tiny confession though and I hope it doesn't hurt any feelings. It shouldn't because I know secretly that everyone must think that their food tastes the best. However I am pretty sure we have the best tasting meal on the planet. I am not in any way patting myself on the back because Ann really does everything that makes it splendid. We share all the responsibilities but since it is at her house she is responsible for all the important items like the turkey, stuffing and oh my goodness let me just pause to say that her stuffing is the best. It has things that stuffing usually does not have. Things that are totally unexpected like dried apricots and dried cherries. No really I dream about it from year to year. The things I do like the potatoes and beans Tom does and well he is a bit of a chef and so they are even extra special. OK I do one thing to contribute--the rolls and honey butter and I am not going to lie they are pretty amazing. Ann the Thanksgiving chef extraordinaire and well me.
Me and my little Ella

Nicholas, Tom Benjamin, Ella and truly my live in chef Tom

Ella, Benjamin, John, Ann and Zona

Madeline, Nicholas, Rachel

Since Charlie sleeps for hours every afternoon He sort of missed Thanksgiving. I woke him up at 5:00 but he still was not quite ready to eat. Oh that's right he doesn't eat anything but cold cereal. That's right Charlie had Kix for Thanksgiving dinner. What do you do with that?

He finally perked up though and Katy put these beauties on and captured this picture. Now thats funny!
So after moving to California 11 1/2 years ago I have not missed a Thanksgiving meal over at Ann's and that is what I am grateful for today.

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daniel and katie said...

I am soo Soo jealous! I hate missing out on this!! I can't wait for xmas though!!! I agree it is the best meal in the world! I dream of honey butter and rolls!!

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