Monday, November 16, 2009

November is for Gratitude

So this is Charlie back at the beginning of August as pleased as he can be with himself. I just added this picture because it has to be one of the funniest faces ever and I just look at it routinely to make me smile. There is a reason though that he is so proud and it is because he is wearing underwear for the first time. Now that leads me to my story. My brother and his two oldest boys came to visit us. We headed into San Francisco and we did everything touristy you could possibly do in one day. We went to Alcatraz, wandered the wharf and of course ate at In-n-Out. We took the trolley to Union Square and walked to China town. We drove down Lombard and finally headed for home. However the funny was actually on the ferry back from Alcatraz. It was that perfect fall day in San Francisco. The kind that reminds you of why it really is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I get excited over funny things. I was really excited for the ferry ride back from Alcatraz. I mean really excited. I knew the views were going to be amazing. They were amazing going but we couldn't get the good seats on the top because they were taken. But we planned it perfectly and when we got on the ferry we all bolted to the top of the boat. That is when Charlie told me he had to go to the bathroom. He has to strip down when he goes to the bathroom right down to the buff. It is quite a process and it was no different right there on that ferry. He sat down on that toilet the entire time going back to San Francisco. That's right I missed all the gorgeous views--I had missed the whole thing. He got off the toilet right as we were docking. I will always remember that ferry ride. I think that is what is so funny about kids-- nothing ever goes according to the plan in your head. During the first parenting years you're frustrated because nothing is how you pictured. But then you learn to adjust to all the changes and confusion and suddenly everything is all pretty funny. Over time I would have forgotten that ferry ride but now it would be impossible to forget that little toddler sitting naked rocking back and forth to the bay waves on that toilet.

My Mom gave me a card with the quote "Only God could make a toddler." It's absolutely the truth-- they are everything hilarious and perfect. I am grateful for that picture of Charlie in his underwear and to be a Mom of a toddler


Michael and Bella said...

Oh that is so cute! Charlie makes me laughed..Michael and I loved playing with him in California! I am glad we found your blog! Love you guys!

dan said...

So glad you had an awesome day! So sad that I wasn't there to help you with Charlie. Bummer. We love when he comes over to hang at our house--it just doesn't happen often enough!

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