Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Spooky Night

We love Halloween!! Talk about a perfect spooky, eerie night-- well minus the rain. It was cloudy, dark and the wind would gust out of nowhere and shoot leaves everywhere all around our feet.

Nicholas in teenage fashion had a party and for the first year ever did not trick or treat our neighborhood. He actually didn't even put on a costume. I'm pretty sure that I trick or treated right up to college and beyond. I mean I even go now I just send my kids up to the door. I mean it's free candy--what's wrong with the world when your 15 yr. old doesn't want free candy!! Who was at that party anyway?

As for the rest of us who have our priorities straight we trick or treated with our dear neighbors "The Millers". The kids ran as fast as their costumes would allow except little Charlie. He just wanted to hang out in his stroller and take it all in which was fine by me. He'd figure it all out soon enough.

Next comes the sorting and the counting and trading that goes on for hours. You gotta' love Halloween on Friday night. O.K. you just gotta' love Halloween!!

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