Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Reunion at Newport Beach

The cousins and my Dad
We owe him for all this fun--we are so blessed! I love you Mom and Dad.
Benjamin loves finding all the shells but mostly he just boogie boards. He goes out first thing in the morning comes in for food and goes right back out!
One of our traditions every year is to walk down the boardwalk and eat at Ruth's Diner. I look forward to the Cinnamon roll french toast. That's right it's a deep fried cinnamon goo with syrup--oh it's good!

The boogie boarding buddies
Winston,Sophie,Uncle Mark,Isabella,Benjamin and Emerson
We had the most incredible time with my family. There was just one huge problem--Nicholas didn't come. :( He felt like he needed to stay back for school (code word for football). We missed him terribly but the fun did indeed go on and as always memories for life!

Charlie loved playing in the sand but was not that into the water. In fact I don't think he came within 20 yards of the stuff--which suited me just fine because I never had to worry about him. That made for one of the most relaxing weeks of my life. All the kids entertained each other and the sisters just sat and talked--ok I mean laughed.


Dan Doxey said...

You're killin' me on your background!

wenderful said...

Hey there friend! I did not know you had a blog. Love it. I am linking you right now.

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