Monday, October 20, 2008

pumpkin patch

I love fall! Besides the wonderful obvious of the smell of pencils and pumpkin pie. Of having the windows open and the wind blowing through the house. The rich golden colors of the earth caused by the changing leaves and the suns different angle in the sky. Oh how I love the crisp feel at night with my bedroom door open and the crickets lulling me to sleep. But fall to me means so much more than that. I met my dear Tom in October. And made the best choice of my life and married him in October. I gave birth to 3 of my children in September and October. I even moved to my Susan house in October and my faithful dog Louie died in October. So fall represents everything wonderful in my life. Each year it arrives I have back to back reminders of all the blessings in my life. What season could be better that that?

So every year I love to go to the pumpkin patch. Tom tolerates it and all my kids used to love it. But now that Nicholas has decided to grow up and Benjamin wants to do everything like his brother they decided they were not thrilled about the whole thing. On top of that
I had to wake Charlie up from his nap to go. So now I am terribly outnumbered on who wants to go to the pumpkin patch. It's just me and my little Ella who are dieing to go I bribed my boys with In-n-Out burger--food does the trick every time. So notice Nicholas listening to his i-pod. Oh well, he does tune us out but at least he's there. Charlie was too tired to enjoy himself and I had to put the picture of him bawling in the car with his hat on. It just says it all. But I have to say it was perfect to me--I had my fall blessings with me.


Dan Doxey said...


I never knew what a talented writer you were! Every fall I just think of you because I know how much you love it! I love it too.

Val said...


I loved your thoughts on the fall season. I love the pumpkin patch pictures. Remember when we did the pumpkin patch when we lived at goldstone? I still have the picture of you in my mind as you were falling all over the pumpkins.

Your kids are beautiful and you are too! I miss you.

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