Monday, October 20, 2008

France 2008

I know who goes to France for 2 weeks? I do when I have the most wonderful Dad in the whole world. The first week spouses were included and the second week it was just my sisters and my parents. That's right my sisters and me in a foreign country trying to speak french. We can't even go to the mall without killing ourselves laughing. More funny stories then I could ever fit on some dumb blog. Thank goodness Angelin has gone and written the funnies so we will never forget-- not that we would anyway. So I will just say that I will forever just smile if I hear the word french, France or anything of the like. I found that I love the french people and Tom and I are racking our brains trying to think how we can move there even for the summer. House swap anyone?

1 comment:

Val said...


I can only imagine the amazing time you had over there with your family. Maybe when we are 50 we can have our friends reunion over there? Sounds like you had an incredible time.

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