Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Simple Philosophy...

Tom and I were first told we lived on vacation a couple of years ago by my brother and sister in law.  They visit us every summer, and yes,when we have guests in town, we are definitely living on vacation.
But that isn't real life...right?

But then I was talking to my best friend last week and she said the same thing.
Your family lives on vacation.

I thought about that this week.
Tom and I always say it to each other but never to anyone else.
So in saying it all the time... are we acting like we do?
I suppose we are.
Not completely, I mean there is a lot to do around here... 
but we play really hard.

Now this is a good time as any to interject some major disclosures.
Our life is far from perfect.  
We have many, many struggles.
After all, we have four kids for crying out loud and with that in of itself is crazy business. 
Insert like 100 crazies before the word business. 
Tom works from home which is a huge blessing to have him with us so much.  From the outside, I am sure with that reason alone it looks like maybe we are living on vacation.
Oh, but the financial pressures of working for yourself, are at times, completely unbearable. 
I mean like ghastly horrible.

So you see with me saying that we live on vacation... it has more to do with our approach to life and not that we are free from life's continuous hurdles.  

Now with all that said...back to playing really really hard.
We do.

In some ways I think we never grew up...we are always looking for the fun. 
We always have. 
Every. Single. Day. 
During the week it's hard.  
I mean seriously...between cleaning, cooking, homework and kids activities sometimes I want to fling myself.
So it might just be running to Safeway at night to get my favorite frozen mango yogurt. 
And for some added fun we go on our bikes in the dark. Actually we ride our bikes a lot. I  
think maybe it is our constant picnics for lunch even if they are just a block from our house.
It's getting a diet coke.
It's going for a run on the trail.
it's eating breakfast on a different table outside.
Tom cooking a great meal.
It's going hiking in our hills.
Reading a good book.
Craigslist runs.
Driving around our neighborhood.
It's chocolate covered almonds.

It is all the little somethings that add up to a whole lot of everything's. 
Wait I think that is a line from you've got mail. I love that show so much. 
Crap where was I? 
Oh yea, all those things make us think we are having our very own family trip every day. 
On the week ends we step it up for sure. Friday we have a party and by party I mean we tell Ella and Charlie that we are having a party. 
We cook like Mexican food. 
Ben is always at football this time of year so he never parties with us on Fridays. That makes us sad for sure but the party must and should go on.  
Not always, but we really try to do a day trip once a month at least, and then Tom and I have our date hell or high water.

We love where we live.
We love each other.
We love our kids.

There are really bad moments just like when you are on a vacation. 
But we wake up and the trip has to continue until it ends.
There are a lot of variables that go into living a life like this.
Sometimes I get scared.
I love my people so fiercely and I need them healthy so our vacation can go on and on.
I just have to put those scary thoughts in the back of my very simple brain and enjoy today.  
Because nobody knows what tomorrow will bring.

So at the end of the day I guess we really do live on vacation.

These pictures are from 2 of our trips down to Carmel-By-The_Sea
One was a overnighter and one was just a day trip.
Now this place is special and is truly my favorite place in the US of A.
I have more pictures of this trip and I will put them on my good ole' blog later
because I am done doing this now.
I have to go make food for Benjamin's football pasta feed but in my mind I will pretend that we are going on a picnic.  
Yep works every time.  ;)


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