Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Pear Cottage Christmas...

Is it just me or did Christmas come at lightning fast speed this year? 
I mean I know as adults Christmas always comes fast but this year I am at a loss for words.
It is so funny because I said something to that affect to one of my kiddos and they were like, 
"Are you kidding me? December is taking forever."
Ha...so I guess that is my cue to slow down. 
That means grab a cup of hot chocolate and eggnog cookie, sit up to the Christmas tree, and enjoy
"Pear Cottage" at her most magical time of year.

Oh and while I am at it I think I will look at the other stunning homes out in blog land and think how I am going to decorate next year. :)

I am linking up to Jennifer Rizzo's Linky party because I l.o.v.e. her holiday house tour and their are some seriously fabulous homes!

Jennifer Rizzo's holiday housewalk link party. Link up your home for a chance to be in next years house walk.

Now this was a funny year for me decorating wise.  I hardly unpacked any boxes...now I don't have that many to begin with because storage is a serious problem for us Northern California people without basements.
But this year I needed all things simple.
So I can sum up my entire house like this...
Boughs, pine cones and white lights.
Yep that's about it.  
Just warm and cozy....

My front porch

My entry hall

And why do I turn my house into a magical wonderland? And why do I wake up each day tryng to think of anything that will make this Christmas memorable?
Why the same reason that every other Mama out there that loves her kiddos more than her next breath.  
It is all for them.  

It is all for this very look....

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