Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Pictures/ Childbirth

How completely heinous are getting family pictures taken?

Well maybe that's a huge generalization and whoever is reading this is thinking, "That's strange, I absolutely love getting family pictures taken."
But I dread them. I mean get sick and feel nauseated just thinking about them kind of dread.
I used to forget how bad it was from year to year--a little like childbirth but just like childbirth, if you have enough children you will eventually remember just how ghastly it is.
I have had enough family pictures to totally remember.
-I remember trying to get us all in matching outfits
-I remember worrying about the weather
-I remember me freaking out because in veritably we are running late no matter how early I get us started.
-OK I remember me freaking out just in general.
-And most of all I remember the bribes to get the other 4 people to cooperate and look super cute and smile normal and not to punch someone if they happen to be standing a little close to them because probably they will be.
And to make matters super fun this year Benjamin's zipper broke as we were all getting in the car. His boxers were hanging out of his fly and I am trying to calmly safety pin it shut.
See this is not a good time.
The problem is, like childbirth, I LOVE the result. I love, love, love my newborn baby and I love, though not quite as much, family pictures. I love walking down the picture hall in my house and seeing my family growing through the years. I love looking at their toddler curls morph into teenagers. I love the expressions and the colors. It is art and my children are the subjects.
So next December I will definitely remember all the hassles of taking a family picture. But the kiddos will have grown a little or a lot and someone will have their braces on or off and someone will have a crazy haircut and I will certainly want to remember all of that.

This is a sampling of what we were up against this year with Charlie.

This gets the favorite picture award this year

I am grateful for photography....It captures emotions and those irreplaceable moments in time.

As a side note my good friend Wendy Vansosen, who is a professional photographer is doing a series on what to do with those family pictures. She is having a guest blogger every day in January to help get those creative juices going and get those family pictures on the wall. So check it out because there are some really great ideas.


Altax said...

Lovely family, cool pictures and awesome photography. :)

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My boy and I said...

Yep this are STUNNING. Oh my gosh you are going to have to dedicate a whole wall to these. And I LOVE your dress. Oh my gosh, I want it!

Hirsita Dixit said...

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