Friday, June 10, 2011

Going back in time....

What would it be like to raise your kids in a simpler time. No TV's, no computers, no cars, no phones...just your family on the farm.

Oh it sounds so wonderful at times. I know raising a family wasn't always easy in an earlier time but raising a family in the year 2011 can be down right overwhelming. My children face more difficult choices/situations then any other generation in history.

They also have the world at their feet.

The sky is the limit for all of our children but there will be many obstacles in their way. Never before has Hilary Clinton's words "it takes a village" rang so true. I am humbled and beyond grateful for every teacher, aunt, uncle, coach, scoutmaster, adult who guides, nourishes, teaches and loves my children. As parents of these precious souls in the year 2011, we just cannot do it alone.

So I find myself loving moments that seem like an earlier time. A simpler time. Whether it is my kids riding their bike on the trail to 7-eleven, constant backyard barbeques, or playing kick the can at night. So in my hometown USA the innocence and simplicity of just being a kid is alive and well even in the midst of today's chaos.

Two times this week I went back in time and stayed there...

Number 1: The reenactment of the Oregon Trail.
The third grade covered their wagons, filled them up with supplies and went on a hike. They were even ambushed by wild Indians. Then they played pioneer games all the while dressed in pioneer clothes. It was just everything that a modern day Mama needs to see. I was transported back to the 1800's for just a bit and it did my heart good. Mrs. Holcomb, Ella's unbelievable special teacher, wrote an email to the parents later that day. All she said was, My heart melted again and again today....thank you! I couldn't say it better myself.

My little Charlie didn't feel good so he took a little nappy in a wagon.

Tia just moved into our neighborhood, goes to our church and just happened to get in Ella's class. We are thrilled.
Number 2: The last day of school carnival.
Rancho Elementary does this every year but something was in the air this year. Perhaps it was the perfect 75 degrees or maybe Ella's new friends that she has made this year or maybe it was just because I have never been so ready for summer. But whatever it was I felt it in my bones and it reminded me so much of my own childhood. I just sat there smiling watching the children and their families picnic and play together and it was oh so wonderful.

It made me think that even though we don't live on a farm, in a forgotten time, that life can be just as simple. OK so that's a stretch... but at least for now everything in the year 2011 for my children is just as it should be.

Ella and Tia

Ella and Angelina

At the end of this school year I am grateful for all of my children's teachers. Here's to all the teachers that are changing and shaping lives one child at a time. Oh yea and I am grateful for summer!

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