Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hurry up Spring

All across the country we are aching for spring. Even though we have had our glimpses in the bay area, it is far from consistent. Each day is a crap shoot and we range from a perfect sunny day to down right cold. (I am fully aware that cold is all relative but believe me 50's seems cold...I'm serious)

So how fitting that Becky's assignment is spring postcards. How perfect is that? The only thing that took my excitement away was seeing that the thrive project is over. What fun it has been to head over every Tuesday to farmgirl paints and see what new assignment she had in store for us. It was so great to learn from Becky and to see all the other talent out there. So thank you Becky and fellow bloggers, it has been a pleasure to thrive with you all. Postcard #2

I am thankful for all things spring. I am thankful for the warm days and the chilly nights. I am thankful to drive up to my house and see the azaleas and crocus blooming. I am thankful for God's reminder that everything that dies will indeed live again.


Amanda said...

Oh my, those are some lovely reminders of spring. I really loved the 2nd one, because I can relate to this:)

Wasn't this a fun assignment?!!

Kat said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hilary those are just breathtaking!!! Wowza girl.

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