Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Gift: Lines and Contrast

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of going to France. I know I guess we all do to a certain extent, but I grew up loving all things french. My Dad knowing this, told me and all my siblings, that if we learned french he would take us to Paris. Here is my ticket and I was thrilled.

I lived in Toronto, Canada when I was 10-13 yrs old. In the public schools you had to take french.'s my chance. But we moved back 3 years later to America and french wasn't offered until high school. Yes! I get another chance. Here we go again but this time around I am not as motivated. I actually didn't care about learning french. I forgot my dream.

Now it's off to college. I remember my dream again and I am going to learn french. The only thing that could of gotten in the way of that dream was a boy. The most wonderful boy I had ever met. The most wonderful boy in the world.
I was in love. I had many dreams but they were all different now and none of my new dreams included going to France. I married my love and all of my important dreams have come true.

Two years ago my wonderful dad remembered my childhood dream. I was going to France for 2 weeks with my 3 siblings and our spouses. I was 38 years old and I was flying on a plane for France. When we got to Paris we immediately felt the gravitational pull of the Eiffel tower. We couldn't get there fast enough for the Eiffel tower is the sign. The ultimate sign that I was in Paris. When we got there a huge storm blew in and I mean huge. We all just sat there huddled around with our umbrellas. Then the storm was over. In its wake it left the most beautiful rainbow. I cried. It was a gift.

When I saw what Becky's challenge at farmgirl paints for her thrive project this week, I remembered my gift. I remembered the intricate lines of that incredible landmark. I remembered its dark colors against the gray sky and I remembered the rainbow. I remembered that because of a camera, I was able to hold onto this memory forever. Thank you Becky for your explanations and your challenges. They have really gotten me thinking and trying. I am so grateful! So here we go again and this is the picture for the week.

Thank you Dad for making so many of my dreams come true...I love you!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I loved this story. Dreams do come true don't they? That's how I felt when I saw Hawaii from the plane. I actually cried. This picture is amazing. We've seen the Eiffel tower photographed millions of times over but to see it in a different light with that rainbow. It's just awesome. Thanks for sharing girlie.

My boy and I said...

Oh I am so glad you guys all got to go to France!! You are amazing at photography..really! I am loving how much you update your blog! I miss you! Oh my gosh that girl from Salt Lake really is crazy haha. I can't wait for Brad to reject her, lets just hope he does!

Kat said...

Such a sweet story and a gorgeous photo to match. What a wonderful way to capture your dream.

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