Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everyone needs to see the flowers

Now seriously, I don't mean to make anyone upset or depressed. It is just simply the facts. While most of the country is buried in snow, the bay area in northern California is at its finest. The morning blanket of fog and gentle rains that are considered our winter, turn our usual golden hills into a rich velvety green. The mustard flowers blanket those hills adding their yellow onto an already perfect canvas. Groups of wild daffodils line our freeways as if we are driving in the middle of someone's own expansive garden. Everywhere I go ivy and moss crawl up the trunks and gnarled branches of the trees. I pinch myself every season I live here but winter in California is truly exceptional.

When Becky's thrive project was on color I knew I needed flowers. My sister Tiffany every winter calls me and says, "I am flying out to see you--- I need to see the flowers." We go every year to the same place on the way home from the airport. She literally runs for the beautiful planters and puts her face right in the middle of the primroses. She then states matter of factually that she will now be fine until spring arrives in her neck of the woods.

I of course headed to the same spot yesterday afternoon with little Charlie. I let him play in the fountain as I conspicuously snapped away. So here's a little reminder from me that spring will soon be here.

I do have to leave a little disclaimer here--- even though the weather has been near perfect as of late, I have to deal with earthquakes. Two weeks ago I was woken up by 5 earthquakes. They were small but extremely unsettling. I bet bad weather suddenly looks appealing... right?

I am grateful for Charlie and flowers!


julia said...

Oh, I love the tulips!

Amanda said...

These flowers have done my heart and soul some good:)

Stephanie said...

Love that one of him hiding in the Tulips!

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