Thursday, November 5, 2009


I still believe that Halloween is the best holiday. I mean come on kids dress up and run to strangers houses and they give you candy--it really is the best concept ever! We started out like we always do chili, corn bread and witches brew at our house. The miller's joined us for dinner and then we all headed out trick or treating. California delivered perfect Halloween weather. Just cold enough to let you know it was fall but no jackets. Just enough wind to make it spooky and no moonlight so it was pitch black. A perfect Halloween!
This face is what I am grateful for! Charlie was the best this year. He got the concept and ran up to the door to get his candy but saved his energy between houses and rode in the stroller. So you had to be careful because he would fling himself out when we got to the next house. He flung himself and Aunt Ann wasn't ready and he landed on his head. He still had a huge bruise. It kept us on our toes and it was hilarious!

Chloe Miller and Ella as little witches.

The three kids since Nicholas is a dumb teenager and didn't go trick or treating. I mean that is ridiculous I went until I got married.

Thank goodness for my little girl--there is another witch in the family!

I am grateful for little girls who dress up in witch costumes, little three year old clowns, and of course ghosts!

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