Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hebgen Lake, Montana July 21-July 31 2009

It only took17 hours of driving, 2 straight hours of fighting, 1 hour of crying, 15 spills, 6 subway stops, 13 boxes of crackers, 42 potty breaks, 10 min. of napping, 242 times of answering "Are we there Yet"? and our family finally arrives to my favorite place on earth--the cabin. All of us look forward to this day for 365 days a year. No t.v. no xbox, no cell phones and unfortunately no dishwasher. Just our family getting to spend time together in the most beautiful setting maybe in the world. Grandpa arrived the day after to spend the 10 days with us as well. Here are some pictures to try and show the fun but really nothing can do it justice.
And here's to the man that it makes it all possible!

And then somehow time passes and those priceless minutes end and it is time to head home. And as I sob leaving the forest behind, inside I leave a little bit happier, a lot more grateful and a little closer to those precious kids in the backseat.

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