Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ultimate Barfarama in Utah

It started out as our regular trip to Utah after Christmas-- which is a really debatable time to travel at best. We are always wiped out from our own festivities and the thought of a 12 hour road trip is at the very least daunting. Then once you arrive you are thrown into another whirlwind of chaotic fun. I'm using the word fun very loosely here. Well I guess that would have been too easy of a trip on its own merit so every person excluding Tom and Nicholas got deathly ill. No one worse than Benjamin. The poor child did not stop throwing up for 26 hours and I mean straight! He could not move!! Luckily only 2 people were sick at a time with Ella and Charlie starting us out and me and Benjamin ending it. However between all of us it was basically the whole trip and I am shocked I even have a a picture to mark the occasion. Really it is trip I would rather forget.
My poor sisters Tiffany counter top who happens to be a saint! Can you imagine that many people throwing up in you house? By the way her 2 kids got it too. I was so sad.

Carokine Wagner and Benjamin
Finally some fun. Caroline and Noah Wagner and Ella

My sisters, Mom and me (I cannot for the life of me get enough of that pork salad at Cafe Rio--what do they put in that thing--turkish delight?)
This was the day we left. Finally everyone is well but we had to stay an extra day to get there.


Sarah and Scott said...

So sad! Thanksgiving 4 years ago was like that for my family--my poor aunt!

Dan Doxey said...

We can so relate! Loved the way you wrote about it all!

wenderful said...

Oooh, that sounds absolutely awful! There are not many things worse than throwing up in someone else's house, for either party involved.
Glad you are all feeling better. Yes. The pork salads are wonderful!

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