Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh Holy Night

We had our Christmas Eve fun at Aunt Ann's and Uncle John's house. We had way too much good food and way too many treaties. The nativity scene as always was chaos and hilarious! The kids were totally wigged out from anticipation. This year the kids came clean about what time they really wake up in the morning. The magic number is no other than 3:00 AM. I am still speechless. Apparently they watch "Elf" (if it was not in the middle of the night I would join them--one of my personal favorites.) When that is over they look at their presents until they are allowed to wake us up which is 6:30. What are they thinking? No wonder they are totally wiped out on Christmas day.

Nicholas and Rachel

Ella Charlie and Eliza Doxey

Benjamin as a shepherd

Mary and Joseph (John Doxey)

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